IT Consultant & Developer

2016-09-01 till 2018-04-30

‎After my training with a focus on software development, VMware Experts company ‎‎ Mightycare Solutions GmbH promoted me as an IT consultant and developer for infrastructure and virtualization.

‎I first took over the PoC development of a self-service web portal, which as a subproject of the hyperconverged cloud MELASTICS‎‎, it was intended to enable the fast and easy consumption of VMware vRealize Automation Services (PaaS, SaaS, XaaS) for end users.‎

In the following realization of the subproject I was the direct contact for the client, ‎‎Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (JPN)‎‎ as Head of Development.‎

After completing the portal, I was entrusted with the workflows creation that would be consumed.

In addition, as an in-house consultant, I supported colleagues from other departments in a wide range of activities, for example:‎

  • project related scripting and programming‎
  • installation and maintenance of servers and desktops of all platforms, baremetal and virtualized‎
  • ‎Development of internal tools for maintenance and monitoring‎
  • ‎Revision of corporate design and advertising media‎
  • Occasional support of IT security in forensics and pentesting

‎I was particularly interested in the support and close cooperation with our trainee IT specialists (application development).‎

‎Thanks to all the mighties out there! You have always supported me and let me put my nose everywhere‎