About me

My name is Bjoern Schmitz and I'm a Solution Developer living in Germany.

I love technology, science and code. With passion I bring together any kind of blinking boxes and customize Hard and Software.

A potrait photography of Bjoern Schmitz

If you take a look at my career you see that I have a history in switching my special field if I see an oppurtunity. This way I got a quite useful digital and analog skillset and also insights in various industry sectors which I know to use interdisciplinary.

In my work and also my general life I prefer learning and trying new stuff over repeating the same thing over and over.

I never wanted to be a specialist in a single domain amongst a legion of specialists in the same.
Beeing "THE" swiss-knife-guy was always my intention.

In the Ages of "Digitalization and Cloud-Services" I be one of the unicorns to settle on.